Personal expression of Connectivism, COP, PLN.

connectivismbarnes book

boise practiceboiseoffense


Each group of three pictures represents either connectivism, PLN’s, or COP’s. Try to figure out the ones that I haven’t explained. I included some description below so that my pictures make sense:

I would express connectivism as a description of how learning works. In the first group of 3, I use the image of escalators in a mall. I chose these because connectivism has to do with learning based on your context. In a mall the escalator connects you to the different levels. Food and parking may be on one level, while apparel and crafts might be on another. The escalator, or connective education, helps you to be “on the same level” and with the information or people in that field of learning.

Communities of practice really are some of the best ways to  develop professionally. It is a group of people developing their own field.In the second group, I use the picture of Boise State’s football game winning scene for two reasons. First, they are all working in the same field of football. Second, this is where my community of practice is right now. I have dedicated all of my free time to finishing a master’s, and I work with other educators in order to improve my own craft.

For personal learning networks ,in the third group of pictures, I chose a picture of a boys only club. Personal learning networks, are very distinctive with regards to who is in the network. There is a clear type of individual that we go to when we have questions that our principal, colleagues, and students won’t answer. In a way, these are your truest colleagues, with a personal interest in the success of their peers.


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