Managing digital reputations

My Digital Footprint Plan

#1 Stay alert with google alerts, tweet beeps, social mention, kurrently , monitor this and social media feeds or updates related to me.  see s. mallon below

#2 Perform a Google search on myself, catalog positive and negative information, delete or bury the negative. see  a.koekomoer below

#3 Develop a strong Blogger network reputation with well-known bloggers. see a.koekomoer below

#4 Establish a Social media reputation, create my own profiles write my own autobiography. see a.koekomoer below

#5 Buy my own domain name. Own my  see b. kahn

#6 Respond to comments on my pages. For info. on how to do this well see the resource by Neil james.

#7 Use reputation management tools to check and clean. There are commercial and free options. see S. mallon below

#8 Build a professional network using professional networking sites like linked in. – see Outspoken media guides below

#9 Build personal profile on social networking sites that are interconnected and maintained by me. – see susan adams below

#10 Establish a presence in highly searched networks. see a. Ensha below


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