Joining Communities

First up Joining More Social networking communities.

This course has been a roller-coaster of new tools. I knew this was an area where I really lacked understanding, much less presence, and practice. Let me put it this way -I only used the internet for two things: I looked up information, and I sent emails. This was true up to even a year ago. I admit that I did know of some social networks and programs, but  I honestly and only used Facebook at Christmas to give close family some updates.

Now, I am adding new networks to my practice all of the time. I really love the hashtag concept to categorize topics across networks. I think the tweetdeck is my best friend amongst all of the tools I have been using lately. I have added ten new networks of emphasis just in my tweet deck alone. However for this blog I want to focus on a few where I have been trying to become a participant instead of what I am 99.9% of the time – lurker/reader.

lurker to participant

The above picture is meant to reemphasize the number of professional communities out there similar to my interest – It is shocking. This is the linked in network list that I am trying to build. Here are some of the networks I have been using – linked in, flickr, google plus, moocs.


Again, this just skims the surface. I have had a difficult time dealing with the amount of reading for each site.

programming mooc  for example: look at these cool moocs that help me develop the programming skills for creating my own apps exactly how I want them. Yes, I know there are easier ways, but I have always wanted to learn programming, and now I have found a venue. 

Back to the assignment at hand – contributions -ten…Well, I didn’t approach it very cleanly, I have been contributing in many ways. In an attempt to be connected I have branched out in many ways. However, I only offer a few contributions as samples. This first one comes from google plus where I noticed a BSU teacher had a post in an interest of mine…EDTECH. What her post showed was a principle that I am currently learning in a different class. I found that I could actually contribute in a meaningful way prior to my diigo and scoop it research.


This second one shows the amount of contributions going on by other professionals. The comment section of a single contribution can be as long as a novel.

linkedin ESL groups I can now take advantage of the collaborating opportunities I have been finding as well.



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