Social Media Plan

Todd Hansen

July 22, 2013

So, I teach in a traditional setting. I think that there is a great advantage in blending the online environment. These rules are my attempt to create a mini social network LMS protocol so that I can use tools like Facebook with my students. This is some of the design plan policies that I have been considering The underlined areas are places where I might find feedback from stakeholders. In parenthesis are some basic rationale for that choice.  Please offer insights, and hopefully these ideas can benefit my students.

Social Media 

  1. Student avatars/cartoon character(Identity protection)
  2. Pseudonyms for self and in reference to others(Identity protection)
  3. No pictures of themselves or fellow students(Identity protection)
  4. Closed Facebook groups (safe learning environment)
  5. “On Topic” and “Appropriate” content Expectation (safe learning environment)
  6. Formal and informal “Topics” – billboards, questions… (LMS, academic discussions, peer communication)
  7. Moderated content as biasedly judged by course moderator. (Safe learning environment)
  8. “separate“ Individual grades and feedback via email (safe learning environment)
  9. Deletion of inappropriate content, anonymous flagging process for peers (Safe learning environment)
  10. Disciplinary  consequences for inappropriate content (safe learning environment)
  11. News, announcements, promotions, event ideas (Communication, conversation, interaction)
  12. Upcoming Deadline calendar (LMS, connectedness, awareness)

References that influenced the development of these policies:

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