Final Reflection

Finally, I know how to use twitter well. I just started using twitter the semester, and I love what I have developed with it. And finally, I know how to collaborate with my own pln for pd. I have also discovered that I can contribute to professional communities via collaboration. That is a lot for someone who decided on a whim to try to blend online instruction with a traditional classroom. What a lucky decision that was…but it proves that when you are interested in doing something good for others, it comes back to benefit you.



Do you plan to use any of the following course activities with your own students?

I think I can coach my students on being socially networked now. I can include policies and instructional activities that align, plus I have gone through it. I highly doubt that my students will be unfamiliar with facebook, but curation and collaboration with sound policies of those interactions will be very impactful for my students who have never truly developed an online identity-besides informal, social, chitchat.



We used a lot of social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Moodle, shared documents for your small group projects, Diigo. Which types of social networks did you find most useful in your learning process? What were some of the strongest relationships you built and how were they built?

Twitter p.d. was the most useful, but I ran into a whole headache of scheduling problems this semester, I was always juggling multiple things in my life, so I never could fully dive in like I wanted to. I completed assignments but I was too limited on time to take these as far as I wanted. The ones I did attend have developed into a strong sense of how I can develop online. Curation and additional knowledge about Facebook were also strengths from this semester. I have begun to develop a PLN via these activities with people who aren’t even in the class. I am very excited about what I can do with this prospect.


What was the most valuable aspect of the course? What made it valuable?

The most valuable piece was probably the professional development, which interestingly enough proved to be the most challenging for me to complete effectively – probably fault of my own circumstances and not fault of course design.



Which project or assignment did you find least beneficial? What would you do to improve it?

They were all good, but I am at the introductory stages still with many of these tools. My challenge was a vision of how I could use these tools. My classmates did have some exemplary work, but I found myself saying, “how did they do that?” instead of, “I could do something like that too.” I like the uses of the different assignments, I just wish I had more time to collaborate with peers on the use of tools for different outcomes – I needed more creativity from others I guess.



How have your grown professionally?

I am networked with other peers from similar backgrounds, I know how to use more tools(scoop it, diigo, edmodo, facebook, twitter) for my students and with my students, and I know how to contribute to the professional development of others or myself.



How your own teaching practice or thoughts about teaching have been impacted by what you have learned or accomplished in this course?

Well this one is very significant, the challenges and frustrations that occurred for me as a student made me more understanding of my students in general. I had a hard time showing what type of student I am, and what I really wanted to learn and contribute. Similarly, I think that students in our courses may not be able to show their best selves on every occasion. They may be very much interested in what we are teaching, how we teach, what they learn, and how they demonstrate it, but circumstances may get the best of our students…that should stay in our minds as we guide students through our courses.



What was a pleasant surprise you experienced during the course? A dissapointment?

I really loved to be contacted from other professionals in my field about my curation. They wanted me to offer additional insights about their work and their ideas. I am still contributing; this could grow tremendously. I also really was surprised at how useful I find twiter p.d.



What advice would you give future students taking the course?

Mostly, I would say that the PD is very beneficial but do it early because interruptions can occur that make it difficult to catch up. I think I would also include a reccomendation to go off(follow) on ideas that come up as your taking the course…blog-posts/twitter/curations…you have an excellent opportunity to learn and build networks if you just try your interests as opportunities present themselves, and many will.


Any other thoughts and/or feedback you’d like to provide?

Thank you for the course, sorry that you didn’t see my best work, but I still learned a lot, and I enjoyed it.


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